Dedicated Services for Taxi Drivers.

As Accountants we offer all of the typical services you would expect and more, with the most common services our community uses highlighted below.

Taxi Accounting specialists. We focus on making accounting, financial and tax planning as simple and quick as possible, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Your yearly tax returns, handling your bookkeeping, tax planning and more.

Whether you're an established Taxi Driver with years underneath your belt or have recently passed, we are here to help. Our specialised team for London Taxi Drivers will take care of your accounting needs so you don't have to. We're here throughout the year to provide support and guidance.


“A few years ago I had some major problems with the tax man. Cabbie Accountants dealt with everything and really helped me out.”
Scott, Licensed Taxi Driver

Mortgage Applications

Our accounts are always fully certified and know how to speed up your application process.
Certified mortgage specialists in house
We walk you through the common pitfalls
Show you best practice for getting the best rate and maximum LTV

Investigation Support

Tax investigations can happen for a number of reasons. Our experienced team is here to help.
Support and assistance when yoy need it most
If you have raised a red flag or facing a random compliance check, we have your back.
Experienced specialist team to handle all enquiries.

Accounts & Tax Return

Each year every Taxi Driver needs to calculate their taxes and submit a Tax Return to HMRC by 31st January.
Flat fee of £299 + VAT
Complete your Sole Trader accounts
Calculate your taxes due
Tax planning advice
Meet face to face at our Old Street office or speak to us on the phone

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